The Journeyer

Being and non-being create each other. Difficult and easy support each other. Long and short define each other. High and low depend on each other. Before and after follow each other.

– Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching



We have reached the final blog in this series and as before, we will continue our conversation about purpose!  Specifically, we are looking into how purpose is presenting itself in the world today and the three main archetypes that all share the quality of discovering purpose, each in a different way. The Quester, Adventurer, and Journeyer each have a distinct and nuanced relationship to purpose. In this blog series we are exploring each of them.



To recap, the first blog about the Quester stated that they find purpose in their goal.  What happens along the way is only important if it serves the end goal.  There have been a lot of positives that have come out of living as the Quester.  We have been able to create some awe-inspiring things as a species.  The questing way of being in the world has also created a lot of damage and fueled a lot of pain.

The Adventurer is the antithesis of the Quester.  The Adventurer finds purpose in the moment.  Where the Adventurer ends up isn’t important, as long as they are present to life unfolding here and now.  This way of life has had a resurgence in the culture as of late but is still a less practiced form of purpose in the West.  For those who are true Adventurers, awe is a frequent part of their experience.  The Adventuring way of being in the world too has its pitfalls.

In this final blog we will attempt to capture the value from both as we talk about the Journeyer.  The proposal is to leave behind the downfalls of the Quester and the Adventurer and capture the profound upsides of both. As with most archetypes, we hold some of each within us.  There is a possibility that we cannot find the perfect path to walk, but perhaps we will find trying to be a worthy endeavor. Recognizing where you are a Journeyer can be a powerful addition to making your way through life.



Just like the Quester and Adventurer, purpose as one’s intention or objective is one of the primary ways the Journeyer operates.  However, the difference comes in where they derive purpose from.  For the Journeyer, purpose is found both in being present to life as it unfolds, as well as in having a direction and goal in which they are aspiring for.

The Journeyer is a synthesis of the Adventurer and the Quester, and when done in alignment, is a beautiful way to live life.  The Journeyer understands the depth and connection that comes from each moment.  They find immense beauty in life as it is.  Each room, each interaction, each step, and each breath hold the same vibrancy and life force that animates the Universe.  As a result, they have learned to be in a deep presence and have fostered an intimate relationship with Life.

The Journeyer also understands the value of having a heading in life.  While they enjoy each step, their steps are always taking them closer to their top of the mountain.  They may take extra time to stop and smell the flowers, but even that is a step not without purpose.  The Journeyer knows that each moment prepares them for the next and each step taken is vital to being able to take the next.  This is why both the top of the mountain, and the beauty and magic that it holds, as well as the steps that got them there are equally important.

In some spiritual traditions this is known as the “long walk.”  The long walk refers to a long journey towards enlightenment or unity with the Universe.  Being present to the beauty that each moment holds is being present to the manifest Universe as it is.  With each step the Journeyer grounds deeper into the present moment, making them connect more intimately as time passes.  A harmony and coherence are birthed from each step and these give the Journeyer both the strength and wisdom to move forward.  This in turn transforms them into the person that can complete the long walk into eternity.  The one who set out on the journey and the one who arrives are different.  The person is changed by the unfolding.



How does someone bring forth the Journeyer within themselves?  First, becoming aware of it through reading something like this brings it into the spotlight of our attention.  From there, learning to become more deeply present in life is paramount.  Presence is about connecting with what is happening within and around you right now.  What is happening in your body?  What does it feel like to be you?  What is in your surroundings right now?  What is your relationship to your environment?

Everything we do is a part of the Universe in motion.  All things are made of energy (and consciousness).  As we connect to Life, we connect to the energy and life force that animates it.  We can only do that if we are present and aware of the life that is right in front of us.  This fosters a deeper intimacy in our lives.  It deepens our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with Life.

This step isn’t always easy though, if the person isn’t used to being present.  There are a lot of things that get in the way of presence.  For a more in-depth look at this challenge, read our blog conscious presence.

As more presence is being fostered, tuning into the intuition and instinct that naturally arise with more presence is next.  Learning to communicate the unspoken language of our deeper sense of intelligence and wisdom allows us to come into harmony with ourselves.  As this takes place, we and begin to learn what we value and care about.  The challenge a lot of people face on their Quest or Journey is gaining clarity on what top of the mountain they are called toward.  Once we know this, we know where to set our heading and we follow the call.

Again, this is the beginning.  The long walk is long for a reason.  It alchemizes the Journeyer, fostering a greater resilience, strength, and sovereignty.  It allows them to form a direct relationship with Life and allows for a greater ability to self-source.  It brings in a higher development and maturation.  Knowing this takes out the need to be in a rush, which is often a barrier to people following their path.  So, once you find your path, settle in and enjoy it.  It is meant to be a lifelong journey.



As stated in the previous blogs, both the Quester and the Adventurer have pitfalls to them.  The Quester often disregards the present moment and in doing so disconnects from caring for anything but their goal.  This can lead to creating a rivalry dynamic between themselves and others and often creates a win/loss relationship in everything they do.  The Adventurer often doesn’t care much about progress because they are detached from the need for things to change.  This can lead to a lack of creativity, invention, and innovation and not allow for humanity to move forward in their creations.

Where the Journeyer can start to dissolve these pitfalls comes in understanding that both pieces are equally valuable.  Learning to walk in harmony with what is as well as be able to see what aught to be.  The Journeyer creates deep relationships in life and learns to care for themselves and others without creating an external harm, and therefore a win/loss scenario.  The Journeyer also fans the flame of allowing something to emerge that does not yet exist, moving forward with technology, governance, and other modern realities.

The Journeyer unites being and doing.  Learning to be in connection with Life as well as being a part of the ever-changing landscape through action.  As they combine these two pieces of the yin and yang, the process of becoming begins to emerge.  They are able to see and not sacrifice what is beautiful about life while learning to add to it.  This dissolves both progress for the sake of progress and not doing for the fear of going against the Universal harmony.  It is both a surrender to life as well as a co-creative process.



As with most archetypes, we hold some of each within us.  Recognizing where you are a Journeyer can be powerful as you make your way through life.  Bringing awareness to this part of yourself will allow different aspects to begin to work together and in unison instead of being at odds.  The different pieces of life are meant to be in dialogue and learn from one another, and if we want to see this outside, we have to learn to facilitate this within.


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