Second Saturdays


Join us for Second Saturdays Consciously Community Event!

Second Saturdays started in April of 2018 with a house warming party that didn’t want to end. Friends and strangers gathered together over a shared interest and something beautiful emerged. Nearly two years later we are still warming our hearts by the fire of that first night.

As we all know 2020 was a weird year.  We took some detours and tried new things. Thankful our community has been a constant source of support and inspiration and we are very excited to say that we will be carrying Second Saturdays into the foreseeable future.



General Information


Community Event

Free and open to our public and private community

Every second Saturday of the month 6:00pm – 8:30pm PST

Online, access through the zoom link

To connect, learn, and enjoy

 This event is open to anyone who would like to join, we only ask that you honor our community agreements

Community Agreements


we agree not to use discriminating or derogatory language

we agree to maintain a safe space for all who are present

we agree to be respectful of others who are speaking

we understand this is a community space and not for business networking

we agree to respect the privacy of any personal shares

we agree to discuss any concerns with Harry or Melanie directly


What to Expect


General structure of the evening with estimated minutes per section;

Welcome ~5m

Quick Introductions ~20m

Group Game ~15m

Break ~5m

5 Things I’ve Learned… ~20m

Break ~10m

Q&A ~15m

Open Conversation ~20m

Break ~5m

Conscious Practice ~20m

Closing Comments ~5m

Meditation or Song ~ 10m

Sign Off

Each month has a different theme and will vary in content and the evening will progress organically within a loose structure. We open with quick introductions of name, location, and a short answer to a group question like, ‘do you have any pets?’ Now that we know who everyone is we will play a group game. Depending on the game we may breakout into smaller groups. From here we take a short break and come back to hear “5 Things I’ve Learned…” We or a guest will share five things that have been learned from some important aspect of life. Previous shares have included music, relationships, and astronomy.

After the share we will take another break and come back fresh to a Q&A session. Anyone may ask questions of Consciously or the 5 Things Sharer. We may also answer questions that have been asked within our community during the month. This leads us into open conversation time, where we will have breakouts if needed. Open conversation is open, however we aim to stay on theme and will moderate for group cohesiveness. This is also a time where we will remind everyone to honor the community agreements.

Another short break and we move into a Conscious Practice. This will change each month and be in line with the month’s theme. These tend to be more spiritual in nature and are drawn from different traditions and cultures.  This is the time during the night where deeper, more personal moments can happen. We ask for privacy and respect during any emotional experience or shares that may occur. Following the practice we will come back together for closing comments and end the evening with a meditation or a song that aligns to the Conscious practice. Most people like to sign off when the meditation or song ends and remain in the energy of the moment. You are welcome to sign off then or stay on as some people will choose to remain in the online room and continue chatting. We will close the meeting room no later than 8pm.



2021 Dates

March 13th

April 10th

May 8th

June 12th

July 10th

August 14th

September 11th

October 9th

November 13th

December 11th



Past Events

This year we will be creating blog posts summarizing the event and the ‘5 Thing I’ve Learned’ share. Please check here to see the recent posts!