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Align Yourself TO Success helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and real estate investors to create the mindset for success, the action plan to do so, and the solutions to create success. Align Yourself To Success leads the coaching and education industry with its revolutionary process The 7 Elements Of Alignment proven to get you extraordinary results in your life and business. We believe with the right mindset, alignment, and action plan, givers get, and everybody wins.

“I help real estate leaders build their teams and make boatloads of money and help real estate investors and those interested in learning real estate investing how to create wealth through real estate.”
Christi Kendall


Christi Kendall, Interior Designer, Sales Trainer, Intuitive, Healer and 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, is a multi-award winning sales performer ranking in the top 1% nationwide out of over 2000 sales reps, and selling over 1.3 million in revenue per year.  She is passionate about helping her clients turning fear, trauma, and pain into motivation and money so they can experience success, permanently. She teaches results oriented mentality, helps you discover what triggers you to create change and success in your life. While working with Christi you will discover the processes that create extraordinary results, permanent shifts, and you will be empowered to help other people that you have business or personal relationships with.


My degree is in Interior Design, I am a Certified n Advanced Theta Healer and Certified Theta healing Instructor, I have certification in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, and a certified Law of Attraction Money Coach.



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“Working with Christi was a very powerful experience. I was able to open up and clear blockages and tear down emotional walls I had built up over the years. I am much more able to appreciate myself, love myself and be happy.”
China Smith aka The Peoples Champ. FL.

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Phone#: 1.702.234.8094
Address:  2405 W. Serene Ave.
Las Vegas, NV.  89123

Business Status: Corporation, in Business for 11 Years