What the Health

what the healthKip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the directors and producers of Cowspiracy, a film about the environmental impact of the agriculture industry, take a new approach to bring light to the world of food via nutrition.  What The Health focuses on the nutritional impacts of eating animal-based foods.  Kip brings in shocking statistics and controversial ideas to challenge the current paradigm of the Standard American Diet.

Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Gerger and more are interviewed and asked about a wide range of topics from diabetes to heart disease to how we have arrived at an increasingly unhealthy society in the U.S.

What The Health starts on one of the most controversial topics right out of the gates when it talks about diabetes and its ‘true causes’. The doctors in this film state that diabetes is commonly thought to be strictly caused by excessive consumption of processed sugars and carbs, but then go on to say that this is a limited perspective.  The light is then shined on fats, specifically fat from animal sources, actually blocks the cell receptors that intake glucose in the body.  This causes excessive amounts of glucose in the bloodstream leading to diabetes.

Diabetes is only the tip of the iceberg in this controversial film.  As with most things in life, what is shown in this documentary is only one perspective.  Challenging the status quo in the health industry is a bold move and is commonly met with resistance.  Kip does a great job at drawing out a hidden perspective on health and plant-based nutrition that is backed by a lot of scientific literature.

This film becomes even more controversial as it journeys into the medical industry and states that its focus is on profits and not health.  Kip attempts to interview several representatives of various non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the health of people yet finds a massive amount of resistance when he brings up the topic of nutrition.

What The Health is a great film for anyone who is interested in a different perspective on nutrition than the one that has helped the U.S. become so unhealthy.  Be open to the larger perspective that this film is trying to get across and attempt to not get caught in the details.  Most importantly, research for yourself!  Healthy eating starts with asking questions!

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