Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

fat, sick & nearly deadIn an effort to get back his life and show the world that health is possible, Joe Cross documents his 60 day juicing journey, in his film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The Australian businessman had ‘let himself go’ as he gained massive financial success. Though he was living his dream it all started falling apart when his wealth cost him his health.

Joe was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disease called chronic urticaria. He was 310 pounds, in debilitating pain, and taking multiple medications. Realizing he was nearly dead, Joe made a commitment to his health and turned to nutrition expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Over the course of 60 days, Joe travels American interviewing people he comes across and helping a few others on his way, including Phil Staples, who plays a primary role in both this documentary and the sequel Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2.

The juice fast  takes effect as Joe losses weight and is able to wean off medication. As he feels better he describes his new found appreciation for life, despite facing many food related challenges. During this process the film creatively explains detoxification, nutrients, and autoimmune diseases, with vivid images and  easy to digest metaphors.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead shows that wherever you are in your health, you can take control of your life.In Iowa Joe comes across Siong Norte, who looked healthy but suffered from migraines. She tries a 10 day ‘reboot’ juice fast and finds a new way of life. Since the films release, Joe has lead a new movement in the juicing world and the reboot has become a staple.

Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to learn more about juicing, detoxifying,  and plant-based nutrition. You may be newly inspired watching someone overcome their biggest health challenges.

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