cowspiracyKip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the directors and producers of the more recent What The Health, a film about the nutritional impact of animal-based food, first began their appeal to have us all take part in conscious living with the environmental impact of the food agriculture industry.

Cowspiracy calls to the human in all of us.  Not the typical argument to become vegan, where one might see horrific video of the mistreatment of animals, Kip guides this film through the various impacts of animal agriculture worldwide.  This film shows the viewer that the animal agriculture industry effects greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and drought, land occupation and deforestation, massive waste production, impacts on the oceans, and animals lives.

Cowspiracy attempts to show its viewers that there has never been more of a reason to choose to eat a plant-based diet and stop consuming animal products.  The impacts are far reaching in several categories and it is imperative that a shift needs to happen in order to make a change in the direction that the world is currently headed.

Kip does a great job putting the power and authority back in each individual’s hand.  Not everyone is going to become an environmentalist or an animal rights activist, but everyone can choose to change what they consume on a daily basis.  Over the course of 90 days, by choosing plant-based nutrition, just one person can save up to 99,000 gallons of water.  This level of impact from just one person is astronomical on several levels.

As many documentaries are, Cowspiracy has been met with a lot of resistance from those that it opposes… the animal agriculture industry.  Kip helps the viewer understand that the amount of money made in the animal agro industry is enough to continuously stop and slander attempts to go vegan and powerful enough to have done a great job up until now.  It is for this very reason that this industry is having such a detrimental effect on this planet and why it is more important than ever to begin to open our eyes and start to live life consciously.

Watch Cowspiracy if you are interested in learning more about the environment and our world and how you can make a powerful impact towards saving it.

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