Here at Consciously we believe in Experience Education. Documentaries are one of the best ways to self-educate. Movies show us a different perspective and raise questions we can then seek answers to. Plus they’re usually entertaining and shorter than reading a book or scientific journal with complex jargon.

By exposing ourselves to more and more information, and learning how to filter through that information, we expand our knowledge and take control over our lives. Although the information in most documentaries has been pretty well researched we always encourage you to do your own fact checking and ask your own questions.

Even when things make sense, you should ask yourself, “Does this make sense because it is accurate or because it is reinforcing something I want to be true?” One way we can truly discover our beliefs is by testing them with opposing views. Each time we explore new ways of thinking we get to learn and experience something new and define our values even further. Most of the documentaries are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

We know there are many ways of accessing these films, and we will do our best to indicate any that are more specific, keeping you as updated as possible!

awake with Border Documentary






Awake – Documentary by Yogananda






cowspiracy with Border





Cowspiracy – Documentary by Kip Anderson







fat sick and nearly dead with Border





Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Documentary by Joe Cross







I AM with Border





I AM – Documentary by Tom Shadyac







living on one dollar with Border






Living on One Dollar – Documentary by Chris Temple/Netflix






what the health with Border





What the Health – Documentary by Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn







what the bleep do we know with Border





What the Bleep Do We Know – Documentary by Marlee Matlin