The Untethered Soul

the untethered soulThe Untethered Soul by Michael Singer takes you on a conscious journey of how to overcome the mind.  Singer’s definition of mind is the inner energies that are made up of thoughts and emotions.  At the depth of thought and emotion, there is only different frequencies of energy.  These energies can be calm, unobstructed, and flowing smoothly, or they can be volatile, blocked, and wreaking havoc.

Singer lays out for the speaker a way to identify how to recognize the mind and that it is an extremely powerful force in all of our lives.  This, however, is not our true selves according to Singer.  We are something deeper that is ‘witnessing’ these energies in action.  We are something deeper that is aware of the energy and can learn to not be controlled by it.

This deeper self, as stated in the title, is referred to as the soul.  Untethering the soul is the act and practice of stepping out of identification with the energy into identification with the soul.  Freeing the witness from what it is witnessing is the aim of Singer in this amazingly deep yet easy to understand book.

Singer also offer various practices of how to step into the witness and become aware of how to untether the soul.  He explains that this is a process and it is not something that will happen overnight.  As a result, he tells the readers to be forgiving towards themselves and to continually and consciously practice this deeper awareness.

The Untethered Soul is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in practicing conscious living.  It is one of our most highly recommended books and it is nothing short of life changing if you apply the principles.  This concept at its depth is the key to holistic health and mindfulness training.

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