The Surrender Experiment

the surrender experimentThe Surrender Experiment is the autobiography of Michael Singer, a meditating yogi/ business owner, and his journey of surrendering to life’s flow.  Singer, the author of The Untethered Soul tells the readers about how he applies the principles that he so easily articulates in his previous book.

Singer’s ‘surrender experiment’ is formulated in his attempt to reach the depth of his being in his journey towards becoming a self-realized person.  Starting his journey in a place of intense discipline and unbending will, Singer soon realizes that he is trying to hard to control the ship of his life.  After having a prophetic dream about his own life and practices, he changes his course and begins his surrendering.

Surrender to Singer takes the form of seeing everything in life as something that is meant to be; to say yes to what life presents him and to experience the ride.  This practice takes a young Singer from his daily practices of meditation on his land in Florida, to forming a multi-billion dollar company in the tech and I.T. industry.  A series of events that Singer simply accepted and said yes to, changes his world and the world of many people whilst on  his journey.

Along the way, Singer comes across various spiritual and meditation teachers that touch his life in profound ways.  Paramahansa Yogananda, Baba Muktananda, and Amrit Desai are a few that changed and deepened Singer’s mindfulness training during the surrender experiment.  Singer talks about experiencing a deepening flow of inner energy that opens up his consciousness to new vistas of perception.

If you are looking to read how surrendering to life’s flow can take someone on an unimaginable course and series of events, read The Surrender Experiment!  Singer’s journey is unique, deep, and a fun ride.

Book Citation – Singer, M.A.. 2016. The surrender experiment: my journey into life’s perfection. Yellow Kite, London.