The Power of Now

the power of nowThe Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a powerful guide towards living life in the present moment.  Now is the only time that we can truly exist… the past is only a memory and the future only an idea.  Tolle takes the reader into mindfulness training and ways to become more present in their everyday lives.

Tolle starts the book by recounting his own experience with stepping into full presence and conscious living.  Tolle was very depressed and had enough of his current situation and life.  In was in that moment that something shifted… everything outside him was the same, but he wasn’t.  He saw his apartment in a completely new way than he ever had before.  Most notably was the intense sense of peace and joy that he experienced in each moment.

Tolle spent the next several months simply sitting on park benches and experiencing this new profound state of consciousness.  He played with it and found that he could journey even deeper into it if he took the time to practice meditation.  After a while, people started asking him about what he was doing and how they could also ‘be like him’.

The Power of Now is Tolle’s in depth comprehension about the ego and the deeper self from his own experience.  He guides the reader to an expanded understanding of living with the ego and how to step out of it to experience life as it is… life in the present moment.

Read The Power of Now if you are interested in stepping into the energetic flow of life and experiencing your own energy source along the way.  This is a powerful read and guide towards living a deeply conscious and peaceful life.  The Power of Now will take you to the depths of your being and beyond.

Book Citation – Tolle, Eckhart. The power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment. Sydney: Hachette Australia, 2008.