supernormalSupernormal is a scientific look at an ancient practice of yoga and the professed abilities/ powers that come along with intense meditation and mindfulness training.  The subtitle of the book Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities, sparks immediate interest for those who are fascinated with untapped human potential.  In this book, Radin compiles his own studies as well as the studies of other scientists in the field of supernormal human abilities.

Needless to say, this field of science has been met with a landslide of resistance from the rest of the scientific community.  As a result, Radin meticulously walks the reader through each step of the various studies that he reviews in the book and how each has held up to intense scientific rigor.  Many of these studies have been replicated several times in various labs by different scientists, which Radin makes explicitly clear.

Gaining the trust of the reader by his scientific method, Radin then begins to open the door to an ancient world of yogic practice that defies the very fabric of reality in our current paradigm. The powers that Radin studies are called the Yogic Siddhis, which range from precognition (the ability to know something before it happens) to telepathy and clairvoyance (knowledge without experience).

Each of the studies that Radin reviews in this book are fascinating in what they entail.  Supernormal is at the breaking edge of science and the human potential.  As we become more understanding of the abilities of the mind and spirit, which have been talked about for thousands of years, we open the possibility for may be in our future.  As this field expands to a larger platform, it may very well change our view of science and the laws of reality forever.

Read Supernormal if you are someone who believes that science is truly about asking ‘what if?’ and exploring any field that may hold deeper answers to our own potential.  This book may be hard to swallow for some, and a gift for others, but either way it is worth becoming your own explorer and scientist and asking ‘what if?’

Book Citation – Radin, Dean I., and Deepak Chopra. Supernormal: science, yoga, and the evidence for extraordinary psychic abilities. New York: Deepak Chopra Books, 2013.