Books FavoritesAt Consciously, we believe in experience based education. While experience based learning is the best educator, reading can act as a holistic center and guide towards expanding our knowledge so that we may turn that knowledge into a better life.

Books give us the privilege of stepping into the lives of other people and seeing the world from their perspective.  Some books resonate with us from cover to cover on a deep level while others may just give us that one line of inspiration that changes our lives forever.

We love reading and have a long list of books that we want to share with everyone.  Many of the books that we reference in our programs and that are on the suggested reading lists, can all be found in here.  From self-help books to biographies to holistic health and many more, we will be providing our takeaways from each book and hopefully encourage you to read the book yourself!


Autobiography of a Yogi with Border





Autobiography of a Yogi – By Paramahansa Yoganada






the blue zones with Border





The Blue Zones – By Dan Buettner







born to run with Border





Born to Run – By Christopher McDougall









How To Be Happy – Contributing Authors Melanie McDaniel & Harry Sherwood











Proteinaholoic – By Garth David,M.D.






super normal with Border





Supernormal – By Dean Radin, PHD






the end of heart disease with Border





The End of Heart Disease – By Joel Fuhrman, M.D.






the miracle morning with Border





The Miracle Morning – By Hal Elrod







the power of now with Border





The Power of Now – By Eckhart Tolle







the surrender experiment with Border





The Surrender Experiment – By Michael A. Singer







the unethered soul with Border





The Untethered Soul – By Michael A. Singer