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We know the importance of experiencing whatever topic you are learning about firsthand. We also know the importance of having the ability to easily access information that is reliable and relevant to the topic that we are interested in.  Our goal is to provide you with holistic health education and the resources needed to make researching easy and fun so that you can step into experiencing your education in a confident and conscious way.

In this section you will find we have compiled information for documentaries, books,  products, music, podcasts, and anything else that we feel should be shared.  You will also find credible and citable studies based on the extensive research we have done in various fields.  Some of these we like, some we love, some we don’t like at all. The point is not to create a list of our favorites, but to bring together things we have learned. Some things may resonate with us and other don’t, the wonderful thing about learning is when you get to experience education for yourself and decide how you want to live.

You can’t unlearn something… even if you didn’t like it! Along the route of learning, we begin to form opinions and beliefs.  For those of us who can apply the best of that information and the most applicable information for ourselves, we being to find what works for us best.  Learning what we know to be true for us, is what happens when we take in knowledge from different areas and come to our own conclusions.

At Consciously we want you to explore and discover. We want you to seek new ideas from different places. This section is dedicated to providing you with easy to access information to aid you in the process of educating yourself and finding what works for you.

Feel free to contact us with something you think is a great source, and keep learning Consciously.

You can reach all of our resources from the drop-down menu.