An Experience of Presence by Harry Sherwood

FREE 90-Minute online workshop designed to learn a step by step process to facilitate deeper presence and connection in life


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Deepen Your Connection to Life

An Experience of Presence is a FREE 90-Minute online workshop designed to…

– experience presence and connection with ourselves and others

– explore why presence is so important for us to thrive in life

– find out what is getting in the way of our deeper presence

– learn a step-by step process to facilitate presence every day

– learn take-home techniques to facilitate presence every day

– introduce our 12-month online Presence Program



An experience of…

Experience of Presence by Harry Sherwood


Grounding meditation to facilitate embodiment as we enter into contact with any physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts that may be present in the moment.



Experience of Presence by Harry Sherwood


Meditative group dialogue to facilitate the process of connecting with other humans in an embodied, authentic, and present way.



Experience of Presence by Harry Sherwood


Journal prompt designed to bring a grounded awareness of what is happening inside of you and how it is interacting with the world around you.



Testimonials for this work…

“To share a space with conscious individuals who are self aware, vulnerable and grounded has been a true treat.  The Circling practice run by Harry quickly became a space for deep presence, emotional work, and authentic connections between individuals all over the world. Circling invites one to sit in the moment and fully appreciate what someone else is sharing, all the while maintaining a firm awareness of one’s own body and energy. Harry always does a tremendous job of keeping each group aligned with the intention of the exercise and ensures every participant receives a valuable experience.”
– Salvatore Liberti

Through working with Harry in Meditation and HeartMath, I have created peace and centeredness within myself.  This has allowed me to stay focused and connected in situations which would usually have triggered and upset me.  I am able to process emotions easier and move forward powerfully.  I am grateful for the greater sense of ease my time with Harry has brought to my life.

– Katie Lesesne

“Circling is one of the most powerful and simple experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve been to a lot of groups, events, studied many therapy models and this stands out as a highly impactful method of uncovering layers of beliefs and patterns hidden in the self. Harry was an amazing facilitator. His intuitive nature and grounded presence immediately created a space where everyone felt open to share and dive into themselves. Harry and circling have really helped me grow in ways I didn’t expect.”
– Chris Crawford





These are currently on hold until further notice.