Presence Program 3-Month by Harry Sherwood


presence program by Harry Sherwood


An immersive 3-month program to deepen your presence

so you can step into living with greater connection to Life







If you are confident that you want to be a part of the presence program, apply now and book your consultation. If you still have questions before you feel ready to apply, book your consultation. In this consultation we will cover everything the presence program entails, answer any lingering questions, and see if we are a good fit for one-another!




What is the Presence Program?


The present moment is often metaphorically referred to as a river–it is ever changing and moving, yet is always here.  The river flows over many terrains at varying speeds.  Sometimes it moves along at a leisurely pace, other times it crashes over rapids.  Becoming present is learning to flow with the river from moment to moment as it carries us into the unknown.

This shorter version of the presence program by Harry Sherwood is a 3-month online journey of ten or less individuals traveling the river of presence together.  During this time, there will be various practices that will be incorporated designed to deepen connection with ourselves, others, and with Life.  This deepening of connection is known as the I-We-It relationship.

I – Self-knowledge and self-awareness is one of the key factors in deepening our ability to connect.  Through this process we learn to access more of our being.  From our primal nature, to our sexuality, to our masculine, feminine and other energies, to our internal truth, internal vision and perspective, to our shadow and darkness, and our own inner sacred self.  Each is a part of the whole and as we become present and self-aware, each part begins to integrate and is given a clear channel to embrace life.

We – It is a profound experience to be witnessed, met, heard, and understood by another. We create room for growth and healing when we can learn to stay present and connected while in relationship.  Over time being in connection with another becomes an awe-inspiring way to give space to an emergence of collective intelligence and wisdom.  As a result, while there will be workshops sharing science, philosophy, and awareness-building techniques, the majority of our time together will be spent in one-on-one or group sessions grounding into the intimacy of connection.

It – Reality will always be bigger than our ability to understand it.  As a result, learning to come into relationship with the known and unknown are both important factors in the I-It relationship.  Being willing to ground into our direct experience of the world, including science, society, culture, nature, and more gives us clearer vision of how we can each make sense and meaning of our lives.  Just as important, being willing to learn how to be in relationship to the unknown allows us to navigate life with a sense of resilience, grace, and flow.


The Aim of the presence program is to deepen your capacity for:


  • Presence – increasing your awareness of your existence and all that arises in each moment.


  • Connection – increasing your embodied relationship with presence, including yourself, others, and Life.


  • Intimacy – increasing your ability to be with the closeness and vulnerability of connection.


  • Empathy – increasing your ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


  • Intuition – increasing your embodied and energetic sense of knowing and deeper intelligence.


  • Communication – increasing your ability to convey and sense what is being transmitted in each interpersonal interaction.


  • Sovereignty – increasing your ability to self-source and emerge as your own center of power and guidance.




How We Are Going To Foster Deeper Presence and Connection


presence program Harry Sherwood


Meditation – fosters greater present moment awareness in stillness and movement, in silence and noise, and in calmness and restlessness.  Learning to be with life as it is no matter what form it arises.

Through daily dedicated periods of seated and movement based meditations we will practice different perceptual awareness techniques, including breath awareness, open awareness, mindfulness, focus, and more.



presence program Harry Sherwood


Circling – fosters greater presence with others, helps us lean into human connection, and connect deeply with what our body, mind, emotions, and energy are communicating from moment to moment.

Through Circling we will engage in a weekly 90-minute online meditative intergroup dialogue and interaction to practice deepening our communication, intuition, and ability to see and be seen by others.




presence program by Harry Sherwood


Personal Sessions – offers a space to venture into any internal mechanisms that are standing in the way of greater presence.

Through 60-minute bi-weekly online personal sessions we will have ample time to focus on what is alive for you in the moment and process any mental, emotional, or physical blockages that deter sovereignty and presence.

*Workshops focused on theory, science, and application of each modality will be included along the way.



Who Is The Presence Program For?


This is for someone who is sincere about their spiritual and personal development!


  • If you are looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or are in a rush, this program is not for you.  If you understand that deepening presence is a lifelong journey, the presence program is for you. 


  • If you are someone who needs to be convinced as to why this work is meaningful, this program isn’t for you.  If you are someone who sees the value and is excited about embarking on a journey that will bring you closer to Life, the presence program is for you. 


  • If you are trying to feel better and want to be happy all of the time, this program isn’t for you.  If you are trying to get better at feeling, the presence program is for you.


  • If you are looking for a life where “trusting that things will be OK” means that your external world will bring abundance, riches, and an easy life, this program isn’t for you.  If you are looking for a life where “trusting that things will be OK” means that you find a deeper connection and intimacy with Life through the journey, the presence program is for you.


  • If you are unwilling to look at and integrate the different parts of yourself, including any discomfort, this program is not for you.  If you are willing to expand your self-awareness, including the parts that might be painful, the presence program is for you. 


  • If you are not interested in creating deeper and more authentic relationships with people in your life, this program is not for you.  If you are interested in creating deeper and more authentic relationships with people in your life, the presence program is for you. 



The Presence Program is for…






Someone who is interested in deeper relationships. 









Someone who is interested in greater well-being. 









Someone who is interested in increased quality of life. 









Someone who is interested in more freedom. 










Time Commitment:

The Presence Program will be 3 months in duration.

  • Bi-Weekly Personal Sessions (1 hour each)
  • Weekly Group Circles (90 mins each)
  • Monthly Workshops (90 mins each, in place of that week’s group circle)
  • Daily Meditations (15 mins each)

45 hours grand total


Financial Commitment:

The program will have two payment options that dictate the total price.

  1.  Upfront – if paid upfront, the program is $1,500 total.
  2.  Payment Plan – this option is 3 monthly payments of $550, totaling $1,650. 

*For the payment options 2, to enroll you will need to put in a downpayment of $550 to secure your spot in the presence program.










Testimonials for this work


To share a space with conscious individuals who are self aware, vulnerable and grounded has been a true treat. The Circling practice run by Harry quickly became a space for deep presence, emotional work, and authentic connections between individuals all over the world. In a society, in which most people are simply listening to respond, circling invites one to sit in the moment and fully appreciate what someone else is sharing, all the while maintaining a firm awareness of one’s own body and energy. The repeated practice of simply noticing and naming our experience has been invaluable to help continue developing my own coaching skills. Harry always does a tremendous job of keeping each group aligned with the intention of the exercise and ensures every participant receives a valuable experience.

– Salvatore Liberti, Breathwork & Meditation Teacher


Circling is one of the most powerful and simple experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve been to a lot of groups, events, studied many therapy models and this stands out as a highly impactful method of uncovering layers of beliefs and patterns hidden in the self. Circling has become a part of my regular practice. Harry was an amazing facilitator. His intuitive nature and grounded presence immediately created a space where everyone felt open to share and dive into themselves. Harry and circling have really helped me grow in ways I didn’t expect. Really looking forward to more circles with him.

Chris Crawford, Founder & Fearless Leader, Kick Ass Media


Through working with Harry in Meditation and HeartMath, I have created peace and centeredness within myself.  This has allowed me to stay focused and connected in situations which would usually have triggered and upset me.  I am able to process emotions easier and move forward powerfully.  I am grateful for the greater sense of ease my time with Harry has brought to my life.

– Katie Lesesne, Redisclosure Specialist


In a time where we have so much access to information, there is a deterioration of communication. Harry is able to use powerful tools to help wade through the disconnect by getting us to Circle in and pay attention to the frequencies that are not being said but so vital to honest and authentic connection with self and others. I am so grateful to take part in the space that Harry holds.

– Salvador Verduzco M.S., L.Ac.


I knew I needed help but didn’t know exactly what kind.  Sadness had briefly overtaken me.  That’s what made me reach out to Harry for Personal Sessions.  He taught me how to properly breathe through the moments of extreme pain and sadness, anger, and frustration; also feelings of happiness, joy, and elation.  Oh, what a beautiful journey.  Harry has the perfect temperament, calming tone of voice, and non-judgmental perspective to be the perfect Trainer/Coach/Facilitator.  Just after a few sessions with Harry, I have a toolbox of coping, calming, and breathing techniques to take advantage of whenever necessary. I have more control over my moods, my communication, and my thought-life.

– Tiffany Ross, AFLAC Consultant


I would not be the person that I am without Harry.  Throughout our time in Personal and Group Sessions, Harry never made me feel “less than,” there was always just an open space to be.  It was a place where I could just be me without worrying about being who I thought I should be.  My time with Harry opened me up to a whole new way of life and led me to a very raw and present place.  I’m speechless.  Thank you, Harry.

Jamal Mir, Student



How do I get started?







Anyone interested in the presence program will need to book a consultation AND apply.  If you are confident that you want to be a part of this program, apply now and book your consultation.  If you still have questions before you feel ready to apply, book your consultation and we will find out if this program is right for you!