Presence Practice

The present moment is often metaphorically referred to as a river–it is ever changing and moving, yet is always here.  The river flows over many terrains at varying speeds.  Sometimes it moves along at a leisurely pace, other times it crashes over rapids.  Becoming present is learning to flow with the river from moment to moment as it carries us into the unknown.

Along my journey in The Game of Presence Project, I will be spending time daily in presence with other people.  The intention behind these 60 – 90 minute sessions will be to deepen our connection to ourselves, others, and to Life.  This deepening of connection is known as the I-We-It relationship.

I – Self-knowledge and self-awareness is one of the key factors in deepening our ability to connect.  Through this process we learn to access more of our being.  From our primal nature, to our sexuality, to our energy, to our internal truth, internal vision and perspective, to our shadow and darkness, and our own inner sacred self.  Each is a part of the whole and as we become present and self-aware, each part begins to integrate and is given a clear channel to embrace life.

We – It is a profound experience to be witnessed, met, heard, and understood by another. We create room for growth and healing when we can learn to stay present and connected while in relationship.  Over time being in connection with another becomes an awe-inspiring way to give space to an emergence of collective intelligence and wisdom.  As a result, our time together will be spent one-on-one grounding into the intimacy of connection.

It – Reality will always be bigger than our ability to understand it.  As a result, learning to come into relationship with the known and unknown are both important factors in the I-It relationship.  Being willing to ground into our direct experience of the world, including science, society, culture, nature, and more gives us clearer vision of how we can each make sense and meaning of our lives.  Just as important, being willing to learn how to be in relationship to the unknown allows us to navigate life with a sense of resilience, grace, and flow.

All of these are aspects of the present moment and how we connect to it.  As I endeavor to deepen my connection to Life, I welcome those interested in walking with me.