We invite you to join us in Living Life Consciously in the way that is best for you.


Personal Sessions

One on one session with Harry Sherwood. Harry’s toolbox helps our clients with everything from accountability and daily routines to deepening their spirituality and existential expansion.  Harry walks each person through a process of becoming present, inquiring into the personal aspects of the self, and integrating each part discovered. In these sessions Harry helps clients find their path in life and step into who they are at their core. Harry also uses advanced coaching techniques to help process crisis, emotional blocks, and step into authenticity. To learn more about Harry visit this link or set up a consultation call directly through his scheduling link.  To learn more about coaching, visit this link.



Personal Emotional Release Sessions

Sessions with Melanie ‘Mekita’ McDaniel are often described as, “you just have to experience it.” Melanie has an eclectic background with skills and modalities ranging from conventional coaching strategies to esoteric body release. After spending over 20 years in various disciplines of therapy herself, Melanie has honed her skills to offer what she couldn’t find.  Emotional Release is not just about freeing ones self from the programming of the past, it is about understanding who we are and making room for who we are ready to be. To learn more about Emotional Release visit this page, to learn more about Melanie visit this link, reach out to her through our contact page, or set up a consultation call directly through her scheduling link here.



Online Group Meditation

Meditating regularly can be a challenge for even the most disciplined of people. The last year taught many of us the value of community and coming together. We offer daily online group meditations in the morning and evening meditations five days a week. Please visit this page to learn more about our group meditation or sign into the session!



HeartMath® Trainings

Harry Sherwood is a Certified HeartMath® Resilience Trainer. We offer offer monthly class trainings, private trainings for individual or groups, and a monthly community call to hone our new found skills, integrate them into our lives, and connect with other individuals who have completed the training. To learn more please visit this page or be taken to our sister website via this link at



Blog & Resources

Visit our blog to explore our favorite books, blogs, movies, and products. We do our best to invite you into our world and share what we use and expose ourselves to in our daily personal lives. If there is a particular resource you would like to see, please contact us to share your ideas.