Mindfulness & Leadership in Family Business


Mindfulness & Leadership in Family Business

Family business can be challenging to say the least.  Learning to navigate the stressors of interpersonal dynamics within the family, turbulent emotions, burn out, challenges with company direction and vision between generations, and the general continued growth of the individual as a business person are all challenges of operating in a family business.

The Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program will include various steps to help foster the ability to become present, resilient, increase performance, lower stress, communicate more effectively, and generate a shared family vision for the company.


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The Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program is a…

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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ― Confucius

Resilience Training

Step one of the Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program comes from the The HeartMath Institute.  The HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ training helps individuals reduce stress and build resilience in order create optimal performance. Strengthening your resilience is imperative for improving personal and organizational effectiveness, stress management, productivity, and well-being within the family business.

This Resilience Training dives deep into the science of how the body operates to provide a practical framework of tools and practices that help individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of change and overwhelm. Improved composure and resilience facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values.  This training also addresses important topics such as vitality, stress, motivation, decision-making, relationships and health. In this era of accelerated global change, the need for people to learn evidence-based skills and practical strategies to improve resilience, vitality and overall well-being, while managing stress has never been greater.

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw

Communication Training

The second part of the Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program brings together various communication styles and interpersonal relating techniques to create a potent mix. This training will utilize Coherent Communication, Active Listening, Mirroring and Active Reflection, Relational Energetics, and more.  Each of these communication styles builds on the last and offers deep insight into both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Approximately 70% of workplace mistakes are rooted in miscommunication.  That means trillions of dollars in business worldwide have been missed out on or lost due to lack of proper communication. Learning to properly communicate is possibly the biggest bridge builder across any divide.  Whether it is the generational gap and navigating how to reconcile tradition and innovation, understanding how to include different personalities within the company and family, getting different areas of the business to come onto the same page, having productive meetings, or simply learning to have a level headed conversation with a challenging person, communication is paramount in each.

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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung

Vision Building & Goal Setting

The third part of the Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program is focused on getting clear around your vision for yourself and your company.  This part of the training will follow a step by step process of self-reflection and company reflection.  Knowing who you are and who you want to become on an individual level opens the door to understanding your role and leadership style in running a company.  From there, bringing a similar process into your business to source a collective vision builds strong and lasting buy-in and support from all aspects of the company.

The reason this step comes after the resilience and communication trainings is that vision building and goal setting need to be constructed on a strong foundation.  If we are overwhelmed with running a company or are battling to have clear communication within the company, trying to set a vision for the company and goals to make that vision into a reality will be distorted.  Through journaling, one-on-one coaching sessions, and group dialogue, this part of the training will be a deep dive into what makes you who you are and will challenge you to bring forth the emergent leader within.

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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn

Coaching & Peer Groups

The final and potentially the most important part of the Mindfulness and Leadership in Family Business Program deals with the question of… what’s next? One of the biggest mistakes made in the personal and professional development fields is the lack on continued support.  In setting the next generation of family business pioneers up for continued growth and success, we are dedicated to helping each individual get past what is holding them back in life.  Each step previous to this one will be instrumental in fostering powerful leadership and mindfulness in each individual.  However, true evolution takes time and continued energy to make it last.

Continued personal coaching creates a space to work on struggles and triumphs unique to the individual. Everyone’s growth looks different but working with the emotions, the interpretations and beliefs, habits and actions, the physical body, the awareness, interpersonal dynamics, and more are a part of every individual’s journey towards true mindfulness and leadership.  Throughout the process there will be times when it is reflective.  A part of this is the examination of beliefs and interpretations of the world that have been formed in life.  This impacts our neural wiring, our emotional responses, our thought process and mindset, and our orientation to the world as a whole. Coaching will lead you to sit with and challenge many of these beliefs in order to let go of the ones that are no longer serving you. It will lead you to face your shadow and the uncomfortable emotions that arise as that occurs.  It will lead you to step into your power, own your life force, and learn how to be more self-accepting.  This is where you will begin to breath in and be fueled by your own sense of aliveness.

The next aspect of continued support comes in peer groups.  Owning or working in a family business can often be an isolating experience.  It is often the people that we would go to for support that are the ones that we are having struggles with in the company.  Peer groups are a potent tool in building support and having a space to talk about challenges unique to working in a family business.  Peer groups offer a container to process various issues and can be invaluable as you get feedback from your peers who have faced similar challenges.  Environment can be stronger than will power, and surrounding yourself with like minded, growth oriented, family business owners creates an environment that will set you up for success.

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