Increase Happiness

Increase Happiness & Live Life Consciously

Live Life ConsciouslyTips to Increase Your Level of Happiness & Live Life Consciously.


Did you know that you don’t have to be around people you don’t like!  It is amazing how many people consistently surround themselves with toxic people in their lives.  If you have the choice to step away from people who don’t serve your highest purpose, do it.  It is challenging at times to maybe walk away from old friends or family members that are toxic, but taking care of yourself is essential.  Find a group of people you genuinely enjoy being around.  Surround yourself with people that you want to be like.  There is nothing selfish about that, it is simply a healthy choice.

Be Creative:

So many people leave the arts behind after grade school and rarely dabble with any creative endeavors.  Use your body and brain in a new way.  Let it breathe!  Take an art class, learn to dance, learn to play an instrument, do anything that will get your creative juices flowing.

Give Back and Contribute:

Reaching beyond yourself is an amazing way to bring happiness not only to yourself, but to others as well.  I personally love animals and volunteer time to time at a rescue.  All I do is take dogs on walks… that’s it.  But the joy that I get from it is amazing.  The look of the dogs when they are able to get out and stretch their legs is beautiful.  It forms a connection between the two of us and it is something that is profoundly impactful.  To learn more ways to give back check out our Consciously Volunteering download.

Be In Nature:

Get in the sun!  Getting outside and breathing in fresh air does the body good.  The sun has amazing restorative powers and it is a good way to get vital Vitamin D (which also affects your moods).  Rooting your feet into some dirt and listening to your environment is a powerful meditative practice.  Go on a walk or hike.  Get outside!


Exercise has amazing fortifying health effects on the body.  It kicks up oxytocin and endorphins which are both hormones associated with your mood states and happiness.  Getting a good workout in or yoga session is a great way to keep the body young and help it maintain its vigor and youth.  Find an exercise group that you like and stick to it!

In the end, each of these is a great way to increase your happiness in the immediate future.  Finding a way to bring them all into your immediate world is a huge step towards balancing your holistic health.  Read all of the blogs in this series to understand the full package of finding your happiness, and most importantly, do them!  Reading about them is only the first step.  You must implement them.  You must experience them for yourself.  We are passionate about experiential learning at Consciously and can’t say enough about the powerful effects of living these principles!

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