Sitting Posture in Proper Meditation

WHEN YOU SITThroughout my years of meditation and mindfulness training, I have picked up some important tidbits that help me get the most out of each time that I sit.  Some of these pointers have come from 40-year monks that I have lived with during my time an ashram.  Some have come from books and lessons I have read written by yogis, monks, saints and sages.  Lastly, some have come from my own practice, which were found through trial and error. Here is the first tip… I hope it helps with your practice!

When I sit… for meditation, I sit down and keep a straight and erect spine.  Lying down is a recipe for falling asleep, but if you HAVE to, it is alright, however, I recommend staying away from it.  Meditation is meant to be focused and intentional.  Where our focus goes, the energy of our consciousness flows.  Therefore we must be very intentional about where we focus our consciousness.

A question to ask yourself is ‘why am I meditating in the first place?’ There are different types of meditation for different outcomes.  Walking meditation is a great way to practice meditation in motion and conscious living.  Lying down while you meditate is a great way to learn how to sleep better and to dive into deeper sleep.

All types of meditation serve their purpose, however, if your goal is to reach a state of pratyahara (deep internalization and detachment from the senses), then sitting up straight and keeping as still as possible is my recommendation.

Pratyahara is a place of stillness and silence and one of immense presence and focus.  Achieving pratyahara can be challenging but very rewarding and amazing.

The most important thing in any type of meditation is to keep your spine erect and unimpinged.  The amount of energy that flows through the spinal column and central nervous system is immense and will play a big role in the depth of meditation.  Sitting for meditation is a great way to make sure the spine stays straight while maintaining the stillness needed to reach deeper states.

This blog is the first in a series where I give tips that I have gained from my time meditating throughout the years.  Check out the next blog, Why Meditate in the First Place



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