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Meditation is Your Way to a Better Life

Better Way of LifeStillness and Silence in a World of Constant Noise and Activity

If I were to approach you and tell you that there was an easy way to learn how to be more productive, sleep better, reduce anxiety, naturally calmer, and more present to make life more enjoyable… I’m guessing you’d say, “I’m all ears.”

As most of you know by now there is no magic pill that can do this.  Fortunately, there are various practices that can help and you guessed it… meditation is one of them.

Why meditate? First, ask yourself if you have trouble concentrating, a consistent need for activity in the last month, lack focus and/or creativity, and are increasingly restless,

If so, perhaps these feelings or symptoms were caused by TV shows that you have to catch up on, social media sites you need to keep tabs on surfing the internet, music that is constantly playing in your car, at home, in restaurants, in stores, and wherever else you go.

Maybe they were caused by all of the stress from the 100 other things that you have been worrying about too… this is when we step into the next question.

Ask yourself if you have been stressed out, anxious, insecure, angry, miffed, flustered, or any of the many “negative” internal emotions in the last month.  Maybe these were caused by the aforementioned reasons or by work, family and friends, the difficulty of balancing not only the activities in our lives, but the people in them as well, lack of exercise and proper nutrition.

If you relate and answered yes to one or both of the questions above, the best thing for you to start doing to alleviate these overwhelming feelings is to start meditating.

Recent studies have found that meditation has the ability to increase emotional intelligence and to reduce perceived stress and negative mental health, (Chu).  What’s significant is that although we all have emotions, it is our ability to interact with them in different ways that gives us an intelligence around them.

Changing the ‘center’ in which we perceive the emotions and stressors in our world can change how we are affected by them.  Meditation is a practice of finding a calm center to interact from.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to be done this week, what if you could be in a place that allows you to effectively achieve your tasks with a calm, clear, and creative mode of operation?

Meditation offers us a place of stillness and silence to connect with in a world of constant noise and activity.  Utilizing the practice of meditation is becoming a key to success in the 21st century.  Our Consciously Meditating program is designed to help you find the right meditation practice for you.  Join the rising number of people getting measureable benefits from a meditation practice!



Chu, Li‐Chuan. “The benefits of meditation vis‐à‐vis emotional intelligence, perceived stress and negative mental health.” Stress and Health 26, no. 2 (2010): 169-180.

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