How To Be Happy

We are very excited to promote How To Be Happy by Lovely Silks Publishing because Melanie McDaniel and Harry Sherwood are both contributing authors to this book!

How To Be Happy is a compilation of perspectives on one of the biggest questions facing our world today, “can I be happy?”  Each contributing author is a health and wellness practitioner and offers her or his perspective on happiness.

Chapters range from “The Dance of Consciousness and Energy” written by Harry Sherwood where he discusses how happiness lies in the intricate relationship of our conscious awareness and the surrounding energies of life, to “Creating Happiness from Crisis” written by Melanie McDaniel where she discusses how to handle the aftermath of trauma and how someone can turn a dangerous mental state into a calm and happy one.

If you are someone who struggles to find the elusive happiness and are interested in hearing different perspective on the matter, this book is for you.  Happiness can be attained, here and now, but you must want to find it and make it a part of your life!

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Book Citation – Rose, Jaqueline. How To Be Happy. Lovely Silks Publishing, 2018