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Short Bio:

Along the way, Harry has become a Certified HeartMath® Resilience Trainer, Certified Circling Facilitator, Certified Mindful Health & Wellness Coach, and was trained in Compassionate Inquiry, Meditation, and Mindfulness. He also took part in tribal ceremonies and plant-medicine ceremonies ranging from China to Ghana to Indonesia to California. The culmination of these experiences led Harry to found Consciously, where he and Melanie McDaniel guide people into fulfillment, connection, and deep presence in mind, body, and spirit. At Consciously, they offer meditation, presence and life coaching, and a yearlong Presence Program.

In-Depth Bio: 

Harry Sherwood was born in Michigan and moved to Rolling Hills, California at the age of five, with his two older brothers, mom, dad, and many pets. Harry thrived in his southern California upbringing. He played football and excelled in school. His many friends gave him great memories of beach volleyball and hikes along the shoreline cliffs. Though his life was good, he felt there was something missing.

Not knowing exactly what he wanted to do, Harry signed up at the local community college. After two years of coaching football, managing at a deli, and going to school, Harry did something that most people would consider insane.  He walked away from the life he knew to pursue a dream.

Harry traveled to China, where he lived at the Yuntai Shan International Cultural and Martial Arts School to learn Tai Chi and Chi Gong from Shaolin Monks.  Following China, he went to live at Hidden Valley Ashram in Escondido, California (of Self-Realization Fellowship). There he practiced meditation, Kriya yoga, and learned the art of balanced living from monks.

After his gap year of traveling, Harry transferred to University of Michigan. Between semesters, Harry traveled back to the ashram, ever deepening his love of meditation. Inspired by his spiritual time with the monks, Harry chose to create his own major of Religious Studies. He explored many disciplines including Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Comparative Religions, and more.

During his time at University of Michigan, Harry continued traveling to expand his knowledge and understanding and found himself staying with Chief Ochumfo, the second in command in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana and West Africa. Harry stayed with the Chief for one month exploring Ghana and learning the spiritual significance of the Asante culture.

In 2013, he earned a Bachelor of the Arts from the University of Michigan in Religious Studies.  After graduating, Harry returned to University of Michigan to facilitate a group of students abroad in Indonesia. He spent one month helping the students cope with and understand cultural immersion while studying the impacts of globalization and westernization on modern day Indonesia.

After spending a semester working as a paraprofessional in a school for students with special needs, Harry returned to the ashram a second time for another five months.  It was during this time that he decided that he wasn’t going to become a monk, though he spent the last few years contemplating that life path. Once he chose not to become a monk knew his path was to share his joy of meditation and health with others interested in a wholistic lifestyle.

Not long after leaving the ashram, Harry met a partner, Melanie McDaniel, who shared his goals to help people live wholesome, healthy, balanced lives.  Over the next four years Harry became a Sports Performance coach and started teaching meditation. He conducted guided individual and group meditations to relieve stress & anxiety relief, create focus & mental clarity, enhance sleep & mental health, and much more. Harry taught meditation at Elevate Studios in Torrance, California as well as coached CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting at Torrance Strength & Conditioning.

During this time his passion for nutrition grew.  Harry turned to plant-based nutrition after looking for the best method for long-term health as well as recovery for his clients.  He earned a Sports Nutrition certificate from Shaw Academy and started helping people step into a healthier lifestyle via changing the way they ate.

Harry also got involved in M1, a mastermind group designed to help people become “whole life millionaires” through working on various areas of life.  It was during his two years involved with M1 that he learned the value of accountability, mapping out action steps in each area of life, and breaking down goals into micro goals in order to reach the top of the mountain.

It was also around that time that Harry and Melanie found their way to plant-medicine and indigenous medicines as a way of healing and connecting spiritually.  Sitting in several ceremonies of the next few years, each ceremony was a powerful tool to help their evolution, growth, and amplified the effects of meditation.

In 2019, Harry’s work with HeartMath was birthed along his journey when he recognized the wonderful benefits of the techniques and technologies of the HeartMath system. Experiencing these benefits first hand led Harry to become a HeartMath Certified Trainer where he now helps groups and organizations to reduce stress and build resilience in order to create a healthy environment with optimal performance in their companies.

Today Harry lives in Palos Verdes, California where he continues to grow and add new practices to his offerings like Circling so he can continue to guide people into fulfillment, transformation, and expanded awareness in mind, body, and spirit.


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