Happiness is Where Consciousness and Energy Intersect

Looking for HappinessHappiness, Consciousness, Fulfillment and You.

So why is it that the first blog in this series, The True Path to Happiness states that happiness can’t be found outside of you even when studies are saying that it can… at least to a point?  Let’s find out!

When diving deeper into why happiness is the foundation in our lives, we have to ask “what IS happiness?”  Is it a mood?  Is it a feeling that you get when you get a bonus at work? Is it something that we have simply been duped into pursuing somehow?

At the core of happiness is where  consciousness and energy intersect.  Consciousness is the foundation where we perceive and take in all things.  There is a depth to our consciousness that is beyond the mind.  It doesn’t label, it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t do anything other than observe.  It is the depth at which we are aware that we are.

Energy surrounds that consciousness constantly.  Strictly talking about the energies of the individual person, there are several that are in a beautiful dance with consciousness at all times.  There is the energy of the body in motion or at rest.  The heartbeat, the neural synapses firing, the internal processes of the organs and of the cells.  On a quantum level, there are trillions of subatomic particles appearing and disappearing that make up the mass and space that is the body.

There are also the energies of the mind.  Here we will define the mind as a combination of thinking and emotions.  In the end, they are all energy as well.  Have you ever heard the saying “emotions = energy in motion”?  It is true!

Ok, so what does all of this have to do with happiness?  Everything!

Time to define happiness…

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines happiness as:

A state of well-being and contentment :joy

Let’s break this down.  First it says that it is a state.  When you look at the root of all of our states of mind or being, it comes back to the dance of consciousness and energy.  Consciousness, the perceiver, is taking in how the energy surrounding it is affected by the external world.  If things are going well, it is in a state of well-being and contentment.  If things are not going well, then it is not.  Note that it is the energy that is affected by what is happening, NOT the consciousness.

So wait, doesn’t that prove that the outside world does affect our happiness?  And the answer is yes… IF you don’t learn how to understand the dance of consciousness and energy on a deep, experiential level.  The deeper that you dive into the state that you are in constantly, the more you learn to live life consciously.  In truth, this is at the core of why we named our business Consciously.  Because the more you learn how to truly dance with the energy, the more your life is full.  Full of happiness, full of fulfillment, and full of the true you.

The next step is to learn how to dance the dance.  Check out the next blog, Dance of Happiness – Thoughts and Emotions.





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