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Get Involved Volunteer BANNERMaking the whole world a better place is a daunting task, and maybe it is not feasible all at once. But, making a world better? The one closest to you, the community you live in, the world of that person or thing you care about? Now that is a very doable task.

You matter, you have purpose, and you can make a difference through mindful living. We believe in living life Consciously and supporting great causes is one of the ways we do that. The world, your area, and your passion are all your community so get involved!

Use this free tool to help your cause now! 

Ever had a complaint about a problem in your community? You can change that!

Instead of saying, “I wish there were something I could do” DO it!

Everyone has their circle of influence. It’s the circle of things they have an impact on. Our whole concept is making that circle endless – well in reality it already is, but we want ownership of that, power from it, to realize that we can do something with the ripple effect.

Inside of our circle of influence is our inner circle. Those people and things we are closest to. Living consciously and getting involved with your community expands that influence beyond your normal daily interactions.

No matter where you are, there is some organization doing something. We have relationships with organization near us and around the world that we support. There are also international organizaions you can find near you, like; Rotary, Feeding Hunger, and The Boys and Girls Club.

Some groups focus primarily on raising money and distributing funds appropriately, while others have a more hands in focus where volunteers are working directly with the cause.

Both methods of helping are great and at different times in your life one may be more feasible than the other. When you are working full time and you have kids going to soccer practice, but you also have income – monetary means may be the best way for you to contribute.

When you are in college or working a part-time job, not making a lot of money, but tend to have more time – it may be to your advantage to save your money and do hands volunteering. Keep track of your hours too! Volunteering can be great for scholarships and school or job applications!

Beyond donating money or volunteering, we can make choices consciously to impact our community. There are many companies whose product sales support causes and you can support something you care about by supporting companies who source their services and materials in a conscious way.

What to do:

The ‘Consciously Volunteering’ document below will help you to…

  • Find out what cause you want to support!
  • Where your skills will be useful!
  • Organize your conversations and how to connect!
  • Browse this page and discover new ways to help!

Download this document and get started now!

For a general overview of causes, ideas, and organizations  see below. For specific causes we support and are involved with in our area, please look here.

Gerneral Causes, Ideas, & Organizations Near You

These topics can help you narrow in on what you may like to support now. To find something near you reach out to your local chamber of commerce, city, website, or city council. Many church groups are familiar with helpful organizations and schools often know which direction to point you.

Food Banks – Work at your local food bank, or soup kitchen. You can help collect food for another organization or reach out to local places. Many groups make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hand them out to people in need!

Volunteer Match  – This is a great website dedicated to helping people find ways to volunteer! Check out their website.

Kids – Work with kids in an after school program or children’s hospital. Volunteer to coach your favorite sport or put in some hours at your local boys and girls club.

Animals – Help out at the local animal shelter, humane society, or zoo. Not only do these programs help the animals, but they also have educational programs that can benefit the community and help solve problems before they start

Community Clean Up – Help your area be more clean by working with your local government on clean up projects. You can even do this all by yourself by picking up trash you see. If you live near any nature reserve areas, there is a good chance programs like this are already in place just waiting for you!

Holiday – This holiday season decorate a hospital, assisted living facility, or orphanage. Bring the holiday spirit in and hang around to spread some cheer, during special events and all through the year!

Planting – Tree planting projects are often held in various areas, and help is needed for all kinds of environmental work. Some areas may even have a community garden you can help tend.​


Here is a great article from Sixtyandme with more suggestions and information!