Emotional Release Sessions

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Spend 90 minutes diving deep, breaking through blocks, and going a layer deeper. In this conversational style healing session we will dig into your situation discovering limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Using a variety of techniques we will shift those blocks and release stuck emotions, bringing you comfort, clarity, and calm.

Many of us are trying our best and truly want to make lasting change in our lives. We can go to all the classes, we can take all the advice we can get, and nothing seems to change. We ask our friend and mentors, “what am I missing?” and to our dismay they tell us, “you’re doing everything right, just keep it up.” A phrase almost as unbearable as “hang in there.”

Going a layer deeper means digging down to discover why things aren’t changing. We find subconscious connections to things we never would have put together and move those stuck emotions out of our bodies, and our lives. When we make room for the purposeful life we want to live, everything falls into place.

Maybe we need to learn to set boundaries and keep them up, get clarity about our goals and purpose in life, gain a deep sense of safety learning to trust in ourselves. Maybe we need motivation, maybe we have deep trauma that needs to be healed. No matter the reason, there are layers we work through to reveal our brightest, best self.

To find out if this program is right for you and to learn more about pricing contact us on our contact page or book a consultation with Melanie here: melanieannmcdaniel.youcanbook.me