Welcome to The Consciously DIY Programs!

Each program is designed to be self-guided so you can get all the information you need at your own pace.

The topics offered vary in length, complexity, and price.

You will have one year to complete your course.


DIY Programs Offered


Natural Remedies

Overview of natural remedies including; herbs, salves, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils, and more. Learn the basics of all these techniques and how to explore each further.

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Energy Healing

Basics of what energy healing is, how it works, and ways to practice it. We will cover different techniques, their uses and how to implement healing in your life.

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Natural Beauty

Take home recipes and routines to bring out your most beautiful, naturally radiant self. This class is great for both women and men as it takes a natural approach to enhancing the beauty that is already there through skin care, and more.

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Oral Care

This basics class will answer many questions and misconceptions about oral care, the industry, and how to have your brightest, healthiest smile. This surprising class reveals the basics behind common practices, and why we do things very differently.

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Sun Care

This shocking class will show you a world of ingredients used in sunscreens and answer many questions for those who are concerned about spending time in the sun. You will walk away with a newfound respect for what you don’t know and take control of your health far beyond skin deep.

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Feminine Care

It is shocking how much we do not know about the feminine care industry and how to best take care of ourselves. This FREE class will give you an overview on how to take the best care of down there and what you can do to improve your life, one cycle at a time.

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Crisis Care

Life happens. We have all had a personal crisis, some more than others. Unfortunately the help we need can be hard to find. Those who love us are often not equipped to handle what is happening and we may not have the first idea of what to do. This class is a resource for anyone going through a personal crisis and an invaluable tool for anyone who might in the future or who wants to better support someone.

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