More than Emotions

Dance of Happiness – Thoughts and Emotions

More than EmotionsYou are More than your Thoughts and Emotions.

In the previous blog in this series, Happiness is Where Consciousness and Energy Intersect, we ended on happiness being about a dance of consciousness and energy.  But how do we perform the dance so that we can consciously be in a state of happiness? Let’s take a look!

The answer is and will always be rooted in your state of being.  Are you able to see that life’s a dance of consciousness and energy?  Or does it seem to just be a physical place where all sorts of different things happen?

You must first accept that you are something MORE than the combination of your thoughts and emotions.  As long as you believe that you are those things, the energy that is in constant motion, you will forever be a slave to them.  If you can step back and sit in the consciousness that is always there, you will begin to realize this on an experiential level.  You must experience your own depth!  You must realize that at your core, you are the awareness that takes in all things.  In our Consciously Meditating program, we spend a few weeks getting acquainted with this state because it is vital towards understanding your consciousness on a deep level.

Once you have accepted this as what it is, and spent time becoming acquainted with this part of yourself through experience based learning, it is time to begin the dance.

The dance is so beautiful that it is hard to capture in words… but I will try.  Before I go on, however, learning to dance can be challenging and frustrating… just like the physical art of dancing.

Now that you are sitting in the place of conscious observance or conscious living, learning how the energies work is next.  But the good thing is, you are most likely familiar with this process.  You are aware of the usual cause and effect in many people.  For example, if someone cuts you off on the way to work, anger or frustration may come up.  If someone pays you a compliment, pleasure or excitement may come up.  If someone dies in the family, pain or sadness will arise.  All cause and effect.  All energies in play.

The secret is in staying rooted in the consciousness and not being pulled into the energies.  This is not to say that you should try to suppress them and ignore them being there… not at all.  It is allowing the process to happen with non-attachment.  To recognize that pain or anger or sadness have come up and allow them to simply be that form of energy.  Not to need them to be something else.  Not to need them to leave.  BUT also not need them to be a part of your identity.  If you are someone who is known for having a short fuse or being sad a lot, not letting that define you.

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