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Dance of Happiness – Energy in Motion

Happiness Inside JobHappiness Is Not About the Outside, It Is All About Your Inner Energy!

You must change your relationship with thoughts and emotions.  You must see them as what they are, which is energy in motion. Let them come and let them GO.  All the while, you are sitting in your seat of conscious awareness watching the show.

Once you are able to do this, or at least have begun practicing this (because it may take a while to get good at), it is time to dance.  Once you can at least be aware that you are not the energy, you can then begin to build a beautiful relationship with it.  Anger, pain, jealousy, frustration… all are a part of the show.  Watch it.  Let it happen.  If you don’t, you create blockages in the energy flow which begins to trap the energy through dams.  The more dams in your energy, the less all types of energy can flow freely.  The more you resist sadness, the more you stop happiness from freely flowing as well.

Once again, this is not to say that you should become swept up in sadness and wallow. Instead, allow it to be, give it space, and let it go.  Don’t hold on to it.  This is true mindfulness training, which leads to an amazing dance of consciousness and energy where happiness, joy, bliss and love freely flow like a river of indescribable energy

Happiness is not about the outside, it is about the inside.  It is about letting your energy be your energy.  It is about learning to be in a state of pure awareness and then interacting with the energy from that deep state of being.

Sit with this information.  Let it sink in.  Quiet your mind and know it to be true.  Simply having intellectual knowledge of this relationship and dance will not bring you happiness.  It is a start, but you must experience it for yourself.

As stated above, this process can take some time.  It truly is the most beautiful thing that I have come to experience in my journey.  It is the key to conscious living!

As you are applying this lesson and learning how to dance the dance, there are things that you can do to help with your state of happiness as well.  Some of these tips do come from the outside, others are practices to help with the dance.  Either way, now that you realize where true happiness originates, you can begin your journey towards obtaining it.

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