Our Philosophy


The name Consciously is inspired by the importance that we place on making each decision in life with a conscious awareness.  Everything we do in life is based around choice.  We choose to eat a specific way.  We choose to act a certain way.   We choose to do everything that we do in life, Consciously.

A question that we ask ourselves is ‘how does this affect not only me, but everything around me?’  Each decision interacts with the people, plants, and animals of this world and making a conscious choice means understanding every level of that decision as much as possible.  For instance, plant-based nutrition is a choice that many people make because they are interested in their own health.  Once that individual understands why eating plant-based is healthy for them, they can make a conscious choice as how to eat and what they are willing to put in their body.

The next level is understanding the impacts of eating plant-based on animal welfare, agro-industry, human rights and welfare, environment, and chemical contamination. At this point the choice has become about more than the person, it is now about the entire world that person lives in. When we see beyond ourselves we often make more conscious decisions because we are aware of how we are impacting others, thus choosing Consciously.

Holistic health is very much based in conscious choice.  The more we understand how each and every decision impacts us and the larger whole, the more we begin to live life consciously.  It is in that place that each individual can have a ripple effect and can impact the world in a much larger way.



About Us


Individually, Harry and Melanie wanted to make a difference in people’s lives in many different arenas of health. When they met, the uncanny similarities in their goals drew them closer and closer. Five years, and a lot of learning, later, Harry and Melanie have discovered their strength as a team through Consciously.

A large part of the learning process came in the form of understanding that many of their clients had a disconnect between knowing how to do something and actually taking action. When it came to each person’s health, there was a lot of desire for change, but a lack of follow through.  The old idiom, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” is perfectly suited for a person’s battle with health. Harry and Melanie found that many who said they wanted to change their lifestyles were simply missing how to implement the action needed.

After much debate on how to help these people, Harry and Melanie decided the best way was to approach the problem was to guide them on their own experience.  As a result, they created programs specifically designed to guide people through the implementation phase of health.

As coaches, Harry and Melanie can guide and teach, but only YOU can implement what you have learned. Consciously is about understanding for yourself, asking questions for yourself, and taking control of your life.

Programs offered by Consciously take you on a journey with the intention that you find what works best for you and build a lifestyle around living life Consciously. The five modalities that Harry and Melanie utilize are Meditation, Plant-Based Nutrition, Emotional Release, Lifestyle Coaching, and Natural Remedies.  Each one of these is a piece of the puzzle to creating a truly conscious and healthy lifestyle.





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We are deeply honored to have been a part of each journey and cherish the continued unfolding of the many paths that lie ahead.