Company Wellness Program

Why Wellness?

At Consciously we truly care about our clients and their journey towards a healthier life. A large part about what dictates health is the environment we are in on a daily basis… for this reason, company wellness is vitally important.

The time that we spend at work can add up to a half of our day. The environment at our work place impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Health is not just about how we look. Health is all encompassing from the stress that we experience to the food that we put in our bodies. Each different environmental factor directly effects our energy levels and mental clarity. For this reason our wellness program takes a holistic approach to health, offering several avenues of guidance for our clients.

Company Benefits

Corporate wellness is the key to a truly productive business…

Investing in your company’s wellness is a smart investment for its future…. Does increasing your employees’ productivity level as well as reducing costs sound good to you?

Multiple studies have looked into the effects of corporate wellness programs and what benefits they bring to the company’s ROI (return on investment) and VOI (value of investment).

The findings report higher bottom line ROI and VOI as a result of:

  • Fewer days of absenteeism
  • Fewer sick days
  • Higher level of employee performance and productivity
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Reduced WCB claims
  • Lowered health and insurance costs
  • Reduced turnover and training costs
  • Strengthens teamwork and cooperation
  • Reduces stress and decreases human error

It doesn’t matter what size your company is, bringing in a well-designed wellness program will bring amazing benefits across the board.  The best part about a company wellness program is that it is a win-win for everyone involved.


Win-Win Situation

For company owners and management, it provided the long list of benefits aforementioned for the company’s ROI. It is truly amazing to be able to invest in something that increases performance while also increasing job satisfaction.

Employees win too. Your employees are introduced to, and guided through something that can literally change their lives forever. 

In deciding to invest in their wellness, you are offering your employees an opportunity to learn life extending information and participate in their own health in amazingly beneficial ways… not to mention that it simply shows them that you care.

You too will be investing in your own health along with your employees… and all of this deductible as a business expense!


Things You Need To Know…

It can be confusing finding the right way to implement a company wellness program that actually gives you the results that you want. Let’s take a look at some approaches that have either failed in the past or backfired, although well intentioned.

Health Risk Assessment… Only

As valuable as it is to get an understanding of where your employees are with regards to their health, how much does this actually help them make a change?

The main challenge we see in the health world is people not doing anything with the knowledge and information they have been given. Taking action can be difficult and confusing for anyone, even if they know what they need to do… having your employees take an assessment once a year for 20 minutes isn’t going to produce the results for either side.

Hands Off Resources

Another way that wellness incentives can be ensured not to work is a hands off approach.

Simply directing your employees to a resource somewhere online, perhaps even one that has been given to you by insurance or a health care provider, is not enough.

In the health world, many people need hand holding in order to be successful… and for good reason. With so much conflicting health information out there, it can be a confusing place for most people. Giving a resource and expecting true and lasting change is wishful thinking at best.

Quick Fix Programs

What many people don’t know is that hopping on the next diet trend or trying to find the magic pill can actually be far worse for health then expected. For instance, joining some low carb diet that has you doing various things to lose 30 pounds in 30 days can put the body in starvation mode. As a result, it begins conserving energy expenditure, increasing appetite, enhancing fat storage, and decreasing resting energy expenditure. The problem is that if the person gains back that weight (which a large percentage do), it becomes harder to get rid of it a second time. Not to mention weight cycling has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, gallbladder stones, and increase mortality! So forget the quick fixes… they may just make things worse.

Paying Employees

Financial incentive programs are a popular thing to do in business for employee health. While this works some of the time, it can backfire. The underlying assumption in these incentives is that people will actually spend the money on health, when reports show that many people spend it on short-term pleasure such as cigarettes and pizza.


Practices That DO Work

Leadership Support

Support is key to success in any health initiative… and wellness programs are no different. Just like any company-wide initiatives or policies, it must be supported from the top down. Leadership is essential in building the right energy and momentum needed to implement a new wellness program in any company.

Creating an environment of health and possibly even bringing that lifestyle into the company’s vision speaks volumes about its dedication to bringing true health to its employees. Leaders in companies must lead by example and be sincere in their vision of a healthier company.

A Culture of Health

Creating a culture around health can be done in many ways. Something that we encourage is for the company to create a goals board where employees can post their health goals and track them. Rewarding people who reach their goals with prizes adds fun to the process as well. This can also be made into a

game or competition where employees are divided into teams and compete in a weekly or monthly health challenge.

Knowing exactly how to create the right environment and vision around health doesn’t need to just come from the leaders. In fact, we find that it is best to bring every employee into the process of creating a vision around what they would like to see. People tend to be far more invested in creating a health conscious culture when they had a hand in designing it.

A part of this is also ongoing surveys of what areas of health are most important to your employees. Through this process you may find that a monthly group hike would be much more valued than a potluck… or vice versa.

Multiple Angles of Approach

Health is not just as simple as getting some exercise in and calling it a day. More than 80% of physical well-being and healthy weight loss comes from nutrition, not exercise. However, both are important towards overall physical health.

Mental health is boosted by good nutrition, but dealing with stress, anxiety, and other common workplace concerns shouldn’t be left to fitness and nutrition alone. Meditation has been shown to boost happiness, satisfaction in life, gratitude, mental clarity, creativity, cognitive functioning, and have several other benefits.

Another key factor is learning about emotional intelligence.  So many of our unhealthy habits are formed early on in life due to our environment, beliefs, and experiences.  Taking the time to understand the emotions behind our actions is a key factor in living a sustainably healthy life.

For these reasons, a comprehensive program is essential for success!



Consciously Wellness Programs


Wellness Event

Our Wellness Event is designed to educate, inspire, and bring your employees onboard with getting healthy. The topics vary depending on how many events are booked.

The first half-day event consists of:

  • Our philosophy behind holistic health
  • Nutrition class and live demo
  • Meditation talk and guided meditation
  • Group vision board, where we create your company’s health goals together
  • Q&A session where we answer any questions regarding health


Consciously Nutritious Program

Consciously Nutritious is a 90-day plant-based nutrition program designed to educate, guide, and support your employees into a truly healthy lifestyle. Our unique online platform allows for each person to interact with one another both at home and at work.

This program consists of:

  • Weekly group calls focused on nutrition, accountability, and goal setting (with groups of 10 or more)
  • Plant-based cooking videos
  • Weekly nutrition classes
  • Support and coaching in your journey to amazing health

Learn more about this program here: 


Consciously Meditating Program

Consciously Meditating is a 90-day meditation program designed to guide your employees through several techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, gain mental clarity and higher cognitive functioning, and step into a happier life. Our unique online platform allows for each person to interact with one another both at home and at work.

This program consists of:

  • Weekly group calls focused on meditation, accountability, and goal setting (with groups of 10 or more)
  • Weekly themed guided meditations and journals
  • Weekly meditation classes
  • Support and coaching in your journey to amazing health

Learn more about this program here:


Conscious Lifestyle Company Program

Our Conscious Lifestyle Program utilizes meditation, plant-based nutrition, emotional release, lifestyle coaching, and natural remedies to help companies reveal their highest potential.

Part one of the process will begin with a strategy session with the decision makers to map out a plan of action best suited for their goals and focus.

Once we decide on how we can best serve our clients, we will host the first wellness event to speak to the entire organization in person. These events are also part two of the decision making process as to how we can best serve the organization by including each and every person involved.

The event will be followed up with one final strategy session with the decision makers to put the finishing touches on the best way to proceed with the organization’s vision in focus.

Once we are ready to get started, one on one sessions with each employee and participant will be scheduled to work out any personal details and goals. Once this process is complete, respective groups will be assigned consisting of accountability partners. Each group will meet with our conscious lifestyle coaches weekly to begin the journey towards executing the organizations vision.

Each Conscious Lifestyle Company Program runs a minimum of 6 months in order to introduce each modality to the individual in a way that will be sustainable into the future. While it is a minimum of 6 months, the program can be extended indefinitely if desired. Each individual’s progress will be different and each person will need work in various arenas.

This program consists of:

  • A minimum of one wellness event
  • Company vision board
  • Weekly group calls focused on meditation, nutrition, accountability, or goal setting (with groups of 10 or more)
  • Assigned accountability and growth partners
  • Monthly individual emotional release sessions
  • Support and coaching in your journey to amazing health

The power of the Conscious Lifestyle Company Program is held in the multifaceted approach we take to success. Each athlete and individual will experience first hand how transformative holistic health and conscious lifestyle coaching can be for his or her career, but this is only the beginning. An company that works together succeeds together, which is why being held accountable by just the coaches is not enough. Matching each person with a personal accountability partner as well as their larger accountability group is a powerful way to get results. The final way to insure success is rooted in the same reason we have the group vision board session at the initial Wellness Event; when everyone has a hand in building the vision, everyone has much more investment in seeing it succeed. This program goes beyond a six month period and even a career; it gives the tools and understanding to build a new lifestyle for the rest of your life.



Each of the company wellness programs are uniquely priced based on the size and need of your company.  We also want to personally find out if we are the right fit for you and your company.  To get a quote and to learn more about pricing contact us on our contact page or book a consultation with Harry here:


Invest In Your Company’s Health

In the end taking control of your health is in your hands. Doing it in the right way, with the right guidance, and the right support group are essential in creating long lasting success. We at look forward to helping your company reach a new level of health and success.