Productivity and Health Foods


Below is an article by Rombourne Offices, where they focus on the well being of companies and employees through creating a work friendly environment.  In an effort to bring more knowledge to their followers, Rombourne has put together an article focusing on nutrition and specific foods that help productivity in the office.

Rombourne reached out to several health and well being companies gathering information to put together this article. Harry Sherwood at Consciously added to this article about the health of fats and nuts.  However, we at do not agree with everything written in this article.  As our followers know, we promote strictly plant-based nutrition and do not promote eating fish and eggs as the article does.  Lastly, we often see that carbs demonized as a whole, which only perpetuates a misleading perspective that all carbs are bad.  Processed carbs are not healthy but fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes all fall under the category of carb heavy foods which are all highly nutritious.

Enjoy the article and let us know if you have any thoughts!