Welcome to our conscious living blog, your mindfulness guide! Our clients, friends, and family always ask us about specific products or how we do something at home. We wanted to take all that information out of our heads and put it somewhere everyone could access it.

While you will absolutely receive the most information during our programs, there is still plenty to absorb and you will find it all on our blog!

Meditation and Nutrition are huge topics and we live our lives consciously in as many areas as we can. Here you will find blogs about everything we can think of. Our topics vary from finances and relationships, to what and how we eat during a road trip and making vegan choices at restaurants.  Most of our blogs are written by us personally.

We also have some amazing guest bloggers who we know and love. They have their own set of expertise that we believe is important for our clients and community to learn about. We want our content to span many categories and the best way we know how to do that is to team up with other people who do what they do consciously.

Welcome to our blog – explore consciously!