Testimonial“I took a holistic approach to healing when I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration.  As of my last check-up, all swelling in my eye is gone & there are no more leaking blood vessels. On top of that, I’m back down at my goal weight, but this time I feel 100x better.  That was just the first 90 days and I can’t wait to see what the next 90 days offers. Thank you Harry & Melanie for your guidance through this new chapter in my life!”

Silvya Figueroa
Weight Loss: 18.8 lbs.
Cholesterol Loss: 51 points

Silvya Figueroa -


“This might sound cliché but I have never felt as good as I do on this diet.  Energy levels, recovery, mental alertness/ awareness, etc.… all benefits.  After living this way I realize how BAD it feels to eat and live ‘normally’ and have no interest in going back to ‘normal’ again.”



Jose Enriquez
Weight Loss: 35 lbs.
Body Fat % Loss: 21%
Cholesterol Loss: 54 points

Jose Enriquez -

Gabriel Guarany

“This nutrition program not only changed my life, but has started to change people around me as well.  People at my work have begun changing their diets to much healthier ones.  This nutrition program is not just about losing weight, it’s about opening your eyes and making changes from the inside out.


My professional life has gotten much better and I believe that it’s because I’m taking care of myself in a much better capacity.  I am thankful to be a part of this family now.”

Gabriel Guarany
Weight Loss: 22 lbs. in two months

Gabriel only finished two months of the program due to unforeseen circumstances, however he is now a part of Consciously Nutritious for Life!

Gabriel Guarany -



“I do CrossFit and I’ve always wanted to get better with my nutrition and eat plant-based but I was too afraid to try it because I didn’t want to do it in an unhealthy way.  After doing this program, I became much more balanced in my numbers in the gym.


I didn’t lose any strength, my workout times got faster & I am not as gassed afterwards.  I work night shifts as a registered nurse & no longer need caffeine for working out or work!”

Froilan Mabalo
Weight Loss: 12 lbs.
Body Fat % Loss: 4.3%
Triglycerides loss: 107 points!

Froilan Mabalo -

“This program has changed my perspective on food.  I have learned a lot in just 3 months.  I was skeptical at first when I started the program, but now it will forever change the way I eat.  Thank you Consciously Nutritious!”

Chau Le
Weight Loss: 16 lbs.
LDL Cholesterol Loss: 18 points

Chau Le -

“My objectives with the nutrition program were quite simple: Improve general health (nutrition) and improve or eradicate inflammation/chronic conditions. Not only did I accomplish 99% of the above, BUT, my metabolism kick started, I lost 15lbs (without having the intention), I’m a much happier person AND, I will forever eat MORE food.  When I say MORE food, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten so much and felt so good. I’m a true believer in “you are what you eat.”  This has proven to be true and I am grateful to Harry and Melanie for educating me and helping to bring about these lifestyle changes.”

Gretchen Sherwood
Weight Loss: 15 lbs.
Waist Inches Lost: 2.25 inches

Gretchen Sherwood -



“I love that I have access to this program from anywhere.  I travel a lot and it’s great to know that it is always there.”


Rebekah Hamner

Rebekah Hamner - Clinical Nurse Specialist in Liver Disease


“Consciously Meditating has been a game changer for me. For years I’ve tried meditation but have never been able to develop a consistent practice.  Since joining this program I am consistently meditating, finding myself more patient throughout the day, more able to focus in the office, and be more present with my family. Thanks to the Harry for putting together this great program!”

Mike Sjogren

Mike Sjogren - Principal, SNA Capital

Testimonial“I cannot tell you how much meditation has altered my life for the better, and I have Harry to thank for that.  I was able to develop a practice in a matter of weeks with Harry guiding the way. He generously made himself available outside of class to further develop my understanding of the practice.

During class, he did a wonderful job guiding our time and added in practical real life lessons that we could take with us in our daily lives. If you seek help in getting rid of stress, anxiety, insomnia or you want to improve your life in business, give Harry’s meditation program a chance.  Thank you for everything Harry, you have inspired me!! :)”

Mary Abraham

Mary Abraham - Property Manager at Anew Apartment and Sharkey Properties LLC

Testimonials“I’ve done the apps, watched the YouTube videos, order several books, and I haven’t seen any results through those… so I was naturally apprehensive when I began working with Harry.  But I am so glad that I did!  I have not seen meditation approached in this way before.

I have learned practical meditation techniques that I use daily that have had a profound impact on my business and also my family life. The other thing that I really enjoy is that he will take a scientific study and validate the techniques that I am learning. So if you are on the fence… I would say do it! I highly recommend it!”

Joe Kersjes

Joe Kersjes - Real Estate Broker at Joe Kersjes Real Estate Advisors

“I started taking Harry Sherwood’s meditation classes at a very difficult time in my life.  He taught me to breathe in a way that helped me calm down and be present.  His classes helped me to be more focused and mindful and helped me to de-stress when I am overwhelmed.  Harry takes time to really get to know you and he makes you feel comfortable from the start. He is knowledgeable, caring, honest and open.  If you are exposed to stressful situations or environments, you absolutely need to take his meditation courses.”

– Patti Goldenson

Patti Goldenson -

Testimonial“I remember thinking that I knew quite a bit about this material, but Harry has  taken what I know, added more to it, and simplified it for me to give me a better  understanding. He took very complex ideas and turned them into something simple that I can incorporate into my daily life. Harry has really gone far to ensure my success as a student.  He has given me multiple resources to pursue both within the course and outside.  He provided that little skeptic in me assurance through a lot of scientific studies and research, which gave me lots of conviction to continue meditating.”

Michael Sehl

Michael Sehl - Firefighter at Toronto Fire Services and Founder of the Inner Fire Academy

Testimonial“Harry’s meditation class came into my life at a perfect time. I was overthinking my personal and professional life and causing myself unnecessary stress that would have never lead to any progress. I had always thought of meditation as a spiritual practice and was interested in it, but I never realized how much it would impact all aspects of my life or how I view and react to them.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a spiritual practice. It can be used to help you let go of anything as well as focus on anything you need to accomplish.  It is amazing how much clearer we can see once we are able to quiet the mind. I am forever grateful to have met Harry and discovered the beginning of what will be a lifelong practice of meditation leading to mindfulness, self-discovery, and self-awareness.”

Marcele Nascimento

Marcele Nascimento - Healthy to the max

Testimonials“Two years ago, following complications in the recovery from a surgical procedure, I was left in a state of acute anxiety.  I lost over 10 pounds in two weeks, was unable to sleep more a a couple of hours per night, and lost all all desire and interest in the things I used to once find enjoyable and fulfilling.  As a person known for my inner strength and resilience by all those around me, I found myself virtually incapacitated, drained, and at a complete loss.

It was then that I decided to reach out to Harry, seeking some guidance and hoping to some form of relief.  The resulting guided meditation sessions with Harry were nothing short of life-changing. Harry’s approach to guided meditation made the experience simple, enjoyable, and despite my not being a subscriber of self-help or ‘new age’ thinking, made me meditation’s biggest fan.  Through his program, Harry gave me tools to silence my mind, refocus my nervous energy, and regain a feeling of peace and balance in my life. My guided meditation sessions with Harry were nothing short of a gift which allowed me to take my life back, and a blessing that I will always be in his debt for.”

Dora Kane

Dora Kane -