Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyThe name Consciously is inspired by the importance that we place on making each decision in life with a conscious awareness.  Everything we do in life is based around choice.  We choose to eat a specific way.  We choose to act a certain way.   We choose to do everything that we do in life, Consciously.

A question that we ask ourselves is ‘how does this affect not only me, but everything around me?’  Each decision interacts with the people, plants, and animals of this world and making a conscious choice means understanding every level of that decision as much as possible.  For instance, plant-based nutrition is a choice that many people make because they are interested in their own health.  Once that individual understands why eating plant-based is healthy for them, they can make a conscious choice as how to eat and what they are willing to put in their body.

Harry & MelThe next level is understanding the impacts of eating plant-based on animal welfare, agro-industry, human rights and welfare, environment, and chemical contamination. At this point the choice has become about more than the person, it is now about the entire world that person lives in. When we see beyond ourselves we often make more conscious decisions because we are aware of how we are impacting others, thus choosing Consciously.

Holistic health is very much based in conscious choice.  The more we understand how each and every decision impacts us and the larger whole, the more we begin to live life consciously.  It is in that place that each individual can have a ripple effect and can impact the world in a much larger way.